At the funeral, the horse say a final goodbye to the owner who wouldn’t give up on him

Some animals are very stubborn and obstinate that it requires special skill for a person to come along and make a breakthrough.

The same animal can become your favorite only after some love and patience. The story that we discussed here shows the great bond between a man and a horse and it lasted till the very end.

The story is narrated by Janna Grapperhause who is a midwife in West Virginia. She recalled how her father brought a young and vicious stallion named Major.

The problem with Major was that he was still wild as his previous owners were unable to break him. They tried many harsh techniques like beating and leaving him tied to a post without food or water for four weeks.

When Major was brought home, he ran into five strands of fence within minutes of arriving and he used to bite and strike at anyone within distance.

But Janna’s father used a different technique, instead of breaking in, he decided to earn the horse’s trust. Janna’s mother was not in favor of this and thought that the horse would kill him and nicknamed the horse ‘Major Deal’.

Her father worked on earning his trust and spent hours and hours with the horse. It took two years of hard work, dedication, and patience for him to earn the horse’s trust. Major trusted him and allowed him to ride.

At last, the wild horse was tamed, and there developed a very special friendship between the horse and the man. According to Janna, when her dad went out, Major used to kiss on his head again and again.

Unfortunately, Janna’s father passed away recently. Everybody mourns his death. Major also came and said a final goodbye with the last kiss.

This story is very touching and it shows the power of love and patience and how it can bring a great change in an animal’s life.