Family takes turns and sleep beside their old dog to give him company

As our dogs get older, they became very slow and are more dependent on us. We have to provide them company to keep them happy and make their life more comfortable in the last days of their life.

So here is one family who went an extra mile only to give their dog company. They adjusted their sleeping schedules to make their old  dog comfortable  and happy.

Their dog Spike, is a 14 year old English springer spaniel. So with the growing age, the dog has slowed down and was unable to move around as he used to do earlier. After the second stroke which was really hard to him, the dog was unable to get up.

So the dog was unable to go to his bed to get a good sleep. This was something the dog would love to do since he was a puppy. He loved to go upstairs and sleep with his family.

So first night they closed the stair gate but the dog was unable to sleep there. He whined for some time and then he jumped over the gate and went to his room to sleep with his family.

The problem was that the bedroom was on the second floor and Spike with his failing health, was not able to reach there. So the family came up with a unique idea to give company to their old dog. If the dog could not climb the stairs and come up, the family decided to shift down and sleep with him.

So the family started this practice on a rotating basis and they had their pull-out couch and spend the night downstairs with Spike to make sure that the old dog should not feel alone.

This act of the family made it clear that the family loved the dog a lot and they are making the final years of the dog as great as possible. We really appreciate the family for their kind act.