Dog lovers saved 27 puppies from being euthanized by flying them in a small plane

There are many people around the world who are ready to do anything and everything for animals. It is their passion that they set an example for people around the world.

Here we are going to talk about a group of dog lovers who are being hailed as heroes for their effort which helped in saving the life of 27 dogs. A viral video shows them aboard a small plane with 27 puppies.

These 27 puppies were supposed to be put down. But these three women came like angels to save them in the sweetest rescue mission.

The video was shared online by Cassandra Bergeron who was one of the women responsible for the rescue. The footage shows scenes from the rescue flight that lasted about 45 minutes from Alabama to Florida.

The video was captioned- Guess how many puppies we rescued? In the video, a bunch of happy puppies was seen wagging their tails and cuddling with the heroes who saved them. The video is viewed by over 13,5 million viewers.

Cassandra explained that she was in pure bliss and she did not want to land. She kept smiling the entire time.

The rescue was possible when Cassandra got a call from a friend, telling her to rescue the puppies. These puppies were about to be euthanized as the shelter was overcrowding.

Cassandra and two of her friends went to save innocent lives. They got in contact with Michael Young, pilot, and professor at the University of Central Florida. He was the right person to be called because he rescued over 7,000 shelter dogs as a volunteer at the Alabama Puppy Rescue Flights.

All these people got together and saved the lives of 27 sweet puppies. They were taken to several shelters in Orlando. Since each and every puppy was adopted.

Thank you ladies for being the savior for these puppies.