Our team works for the betterment of the animals. We feel their suffering and want to help them.

With the advancement of technology, human beings had made great improvements. As we are running forward to make our lives better and easy, we are somehow neglecting the other world, the animal world.

Animals are neglected to such a great extend that many of them are already extinct. Those who are still living their life is not half as good as it was earlier. They are subjected to numerous tortures.

There are different ways in which animals face human cruelty. Some are killed for their meat. They are raised on farms for this purpose. Some are killed for clothing, fur. While others are killed for the ivory. Whatever may be the case, the thing is that animals suffer.

The conditions in which they are kept are quite unhygienic be it a dairy farm or zoos where we feel they may be safe. They are no longer free to move or live in their natural habitat. They are devoid of the basic necessities of their life. They are treated as commodities.

Animals are very important to us. We should understand this thing now. We want to send this message to the people that they are as much part of this universe as you and me. They should be treated on par with humans. Every life matters. All the people should start working at their level to bring about the change.

Here our main aim is to reach as many people as we could. We want that people should be aware of the pains, injuries, traumas that the animals suffer.