Dog mourns the death of her furry best friend by lying on his grave for hours

Sometimes dogs started feeling a special bond with other dogs. They become inseparable but death is inevitable. So when death separates them, it leaves a void in the life of one of the dogs. The same feeling of separation was felt by Kaya when her best friend Gaspar passed away.

Gaspar was loved by everyone and when he passed away following an illness everyone was heartbroken. He was missed by everyone including Kaya who was grief-stricken and mourned his death for days. After Gaspar’s death, his human family laid him to rest in their backyard, and the grieving dog, Kaya laid herself upon his freshly dug grave.

She remained there all morning and the moment was caught on camera by Gaspar’s owner Marcelo Rodriguez and shared on his Twitter account. Kaya belonged to Rodriguez’s mother and that was how both the dogs came in contact with each other. They spent hours playing happily.

According to Rodriguez, they would get the dogs together on weekends to spend time together. That was how their friendship started. When they were together, they were very happy. Like every good thing, their time together also came to an end. Gaspar was very much loved by Rodriguez.

He paid tribute to his beloved dog by writing that on Wednesday at 2:19 pm, he slept in an apartment on the fifth floor, listening to music, with a lot of styles, just the way he liked it. Rodriguez went on to thank his dog for his loyalty and endless love.

He said that the dog taught him countless things without saying a word. Gaspar was very much loved by his human family and friend, Kaya. It was nice to know that he led a very happy life. Kaya is going to miss him a lot. It was heartbreaking to know that two friends were separated.