This dancing cat is winning over the internet with his serious moves

There is no denying the fact that cats are the world and the internet. They are taking the internet by storm with millions of awesome cat pictures, videos, memes, and gifs.

Of all the famous kitties on the internet, one who is creating waves on Instagram is Chaco, a 3-year-old cat from Japan. This cat is not a cutie posing for adorable photos, he is a perfect ballet dancer who loves to dance all the time.

‘Ninja Cat’ as popularly this dancing cat is called, comes from Animal Aid which is a cat café in Ageo city. This café is the foster home of many rescue cats. His owner adopted him after seeing him in the café.


His dance moves include- gracefully flying mid-air like a ballet dancer, spinning on the ground like a professional dancer. His moves are so great that it does not look like he is a cat.

People are going crazy after this dancing boy. They follow him on Wakaponsan which is an Instagram account. On this account, beautiful felines, the dancing boy Chaco and his sister Suzuka are seen in the beautiful dance moves.

The account has gained over 20,000 followers. Looking at his pictures can make you feel envious of him as you will think that he can dance better than you. Here are some of his moves that are captured. If you want to see more of his photos follow him on Instagram.