German shepherd found alive after being lost in the Pacific Ocean for 5 weeks

Miracles happen in everyday life. Some lives are saved by miracles as practically there are no chances of survival. One such story which will make us believe in miracles is the story we are going to refer to here.

The story is like this a dog was reported to have gone missing off the coast of San Diego, California, which is two miles from San Clement Island.

It was assumed that one and half-year-old German Shepherd might have drowned in the Pacific Ocean after it had fallen off a fishing boat. It was quite surprising that she was found alive and healthy after five weeks.

The name of the dog was Luna who was with her owner Nick Haworth on a commercial fishing boat when she fell overboard.  As they were pulling their Lobster traps, suddenly Luna fell into the water.

They could not see her as the water was very dark and even she was dark. Her owner reported her disappearance and when even after days of searching, the dog was not found, it was presumed to be gone.

Her owner was sure that she was alive as she was a very good swimmer and she would have definitely made it to the shore. Her owner searched the waters of the ocean for about two days and even the Naval staff looked for her on the island for about a week but there was no sign of Luna.

But as life is full of surprises, after about a month of disappearance, she was seen on San Clement Island, a Navy-owned training base that is 70 miles off San Diego.

Luna was seen sitting on the side of the road wagging her tail and as there was no domesticated animal on the island, it was a stunning sight. Domestic animals were not allowed on the island due to environmental reasons. So the crew members reached out to Luna, they opened the car door and she jumped in.

It was believed that the dog swam ashore and ate mice on the island for her survival. She was examined by a wildlife biologist and told that she was perfectly healthy.

After this, her owner was informed about her survival and he was extremely happy and thrilled to know that Luna was alive. It is really a great news that the life of the dog was saved