A Orphaned Bear As A Cub was adopted by Russian Couple and after 23 years they are still together

Brown bears are one of the largest bear species in the world. Brown bears are more dangerous than other bears. Most of the time, they avoid coming in contact with humans.

But what will be your reaction if you get to know that a couple in Russian had actually adopted one massive bear. Yes, they share their home with a bear for more than two decades. The couple Svetlana and Yurity Panteleenko, from Moscow, Russia, first met Stefan the bear when he was just 3-month old.

They found it crying in the woods for help. It seemed he was an orphan. It was heartbreaking for the couple to see the cute cub in that terrible situation. So they decided to take him home and look after him.

After that, the bear never left his family and he still lives with his human family who saved his life. It is almost 23 years now and the weight of the bear is around 450 pounds but for the couple, he is just another furry friend. You won’t believe that the three share the same sofa to sit and watch their favorite TV shows together.

Though the bear has never lived the life of a wild animal and he is domesticated yet it is hard to believe that his natural instincts are fully shut down.

The bear has to be treated with great care and respect as bears are the most ferocious predators. The couple is confident that they never worry as they know that Stefan would never harm them.

According to Stefan’s human mom, he loves people and is very social. He is not at all aggressive. The bear has a very special diet that includes 55 pounds of fish, vegetables, and eggs every single day.