Take a look at these funny sleeping positions of dogs

Human beings are not blessed with many sleeping positions. We will just lie in the bed and sleep. We did not find anything as comfortable as the bed. But that is not the case with dogs. They can find many comfortable positions and also at different places.

It is possible for the dogs to sleep on the sofa, on the table, on the laptop, and anywhere where they find comfort. The thing is that sometimes while sleeping they create funny postures that make us think about how it is possible for them to sleep like that. If you have a dog, you can actually relate to some of these positions which your dog will also be making.

He finds the table more comfortable than the pillow.

Gosh., How he managed to have those chicken legs.

He is good at yoga position.

Can you count the legs here?

Under the toilet is his best place to sleep

He likes to sleep in an attention position.

I am afraid, he will fall off the couch.

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