How an adopted pit bull saves the life of a young boy

Most people think that pit bulls are very dangerous breeds. They feel that they should be banned. But that is not the reality. They are not as they are thought to be. They are not dangerous inherently.

They become violent and aggressive when they are not given proper training and they are subjected to abuse and neglect. But if they are given proper love and care, they behave in a different way.

To prove this here is the story of Ember. Ember is a female pit bull mix and it was found abandoned on the street by Adore- A- Bull Rescue in Cincinnati. Looking at the reputation of the pit bull breed, at first, nobody was ready to adopt it.

But there is a kind family, the Daniels family who wanted to give a second chance to the dog and she immediately became the beloved family member of the Daniels. The dog became everybody’s favourite and he had a special bond with all members of the family. He had a very special connection with his brother Tre.

The Daniels family were under shock as they lost their beloved dog which was a pit bull earlier. But with the coming of Ember, they are happy again. At that time they did not know that Ember would be able to save their son’s life.

One day Tre collapsed after suffering from a seizure. When Ember came to know that the boy was lying unconscious in the bathtub, she quickly went and alerted everyone. The family was sleeping at that time and when she came, she sat down next to the bed and she was producing a low sound.

At first, Tracy thought that maybe Ember wanted to go outside. As she got up to let her outside, Ember ran into the kids’ bathroom. Tracy followed her to the bathroom and saw her son lying there unconscious. Soon Tre was rushed to the hospital.

Thank God everything is normal now and Tre is back home. Now Ember is more concerned about his brother and stays by his side and sleeps at the end of his bed every night only to look after the boy.

This story proves that we should not judge the dog by its breed. Dogs can become our best companions no matter what breed they belong to.