Homeless woman refuses to go to shelter without her dogs

There is no doubt that dogs are the most loyal companions and they are our best friends. People depend on their companionship more than anything else. From the millionaires to the people living on the streets, all are their fans.

Often the loyalty of the dogs is repaid by the kindness of their owners. Here is an incident to prove it. There is one woman who despite being poor always puts her dogs first. When her story went viral, a kind-hearted woman came forward to help her.

Last month, photographer Omar Camarillo used his camera to capture a heartbreaking photo of a homeless woman who was living on the streets of Tijuana, Mexico. She was having nothing to keep herself warm but a garbage bag, but she was given company by her six dogs.

The name of the woman is Luz Mario Olmedo Beltran who is also known by the name of Chole. She is 65 years old and she has been living on the streets for eight years.

The photos taken by Omar show that Chole was approached by local police to go to a shelter in the cold weather but she refused as the shelter would not allow her to take her pets along with her and she was not willing to leave her dogs behind.

Though she went to her son’s house for a night, the next day she was back on the streets with her dogs. As her story went viral, people were moved by her struggles.

One woman named Alejandro Cordova Castro was so moved by her story that she decided to help the woman. She went out to help Chole and provided her with water, food, blankets, and items for her dogs.

Chole was very much touched by the kindness shown by the woman that she thanked her many times that made Alejandro cry. At present Chole is staying in a shelter that allowed her to keep her dogs. She hopes to get her own house one day where she could be able to rescue more dogs.

Her story is really very incredible and she is really a brilliant woman who considers her dogs her life.