Heartfelt Stories from Vets about Pets’ Last Moments

Losing a beloved pet is really tough. It’s a sad experience that can hurt a lot. Some pet owners find it so difficult that they can’t stay with their pets when it’s time for them to say goodbye. But vets say they should be there. There was a tweet by Jessi Dietrich about this, and it got a lot of attention.

She asked her vet about the hardest part of their job, and the vet said that when they have to help a pet pass away, 9 out of 10 owners don’t stay in the room. So, the pet’s last moments are usually spent looking for their owners, feeling scared and confused.

A vet clinic in South Africa, called Hillcrest Veterinary Hospital, also talked about this. They said pet owners should stay with their pets until the very end, even if it’s hard. They don’t want pets to feel alone and scared in their last moments.

The clinic wrote that pets look for their owners when they leave them behind. Pets don’t understand why their beloved people aren’t there when they are sick, scared, or old. They need comfort in those moments, even though it might be tough for the owners.

A vet from Melbourne, Dr. Lauren Bugeja, said that helping old pets pass away at home is not easy. But she makes sure that pets feel calm and safe during this time. Sometimes, owners might be too sad to be in the room. Dr. Bugeja always talks to and comforts the pets along with her nurse, so they feel okay.

Dr. Bugeja explained that if pets are left alone in an unfamiliar place like a vet clinic, they might be worried. They don’t know where they are. That’s why staying with them can help them feel less scared.

In the end, being there for our pets in their final moments is really important. They need our love and comfort, just like we need theirs.