Meet Schnelly, the cute pig adopted by Hollywood legend Arnold Schwarzenegger

Hollywood movies’ tough guy, Arnold Schwarzenegger has soft corner for the animals. As he loved animals, he has many animals at his home.

Already he is a proud parent to many unique pets, but recently he introduced the new addition to his family, a pet pig.

Arnold wrote, ‘ The family is growing’ as he shared the photo on Instagram holding his dog Cherry along with his new pet : pig Schnelly.

Regarding the name of the pig, Arnold spoke to Fox 11 program The Issue Is, that the word ‘Schnell’ is a German word meaning ‘fast’.

He explained the reason for selecting that name. He said that when the pig was brought home, he ran out of the house, ran all over his property and they were unable to catch him and his girlfriend suggested that name for the pig.

He is all praise for the cute pig saying that the pig no longer runs around so much and he is very fantastic.

This is not the first time that Arnold owned a pet pig, earlier he was having a pig named ‘Bacon’ which according to him, was bought by him due to the influence of his Batman & Robin co-star George Clooney who owned a pet pig named Max.

Arnold told the Columbus Dispatch in 2014 that his co- star always carried the cute little pig wherever he went. So he was inspired and he too bought one pig but he bought a wrong one as the pig was no longer small as it grew to 300 pounds and it was difficult to lift it.

Apart from pigs, Arnold has a donkey named Lulu, a miniature horse named Whiskey and three dogs: Dutch, Schnitzel and Cherry. His love for animals became more apparent during the pandemic when he was seen spending time with his animals.

Through out his career, he has assumed many roles : from bodybuilding champion to Hollywood megastar to Governor of California. But these days, he is happy just caring for his animals.

The pig which he adopted is very adorable and it is very clear that Arnold is an animal lover.