Dog finds unlikely friend much to the surprise of the family

Love never goes unrewarded. If we show love to someone, it comes around in one form or the other. Here is the story of Bailey who is a sweet-natured senior dog. She knows the power of love. Her life was not easy. Earlier she was used as a breeding dog and she gave birth to litter after litter of babies and the babies were forcibly taken away from her.

It was only in 2007 when Bailey was some years old that Arthur and his family rescued her. But the mother in her never died and recently that motherly instinct shone. A few months before, Bailey and her family moved to a home in the countryside.

As they were in the countryside, they saw a feral cat which was living in a ravine at the back of the house. In order to help the cat, the family started leaving food for the cat but they never saw anyone. Even Bailey was visiting the backyard to check but the family was not having any idea what Bailey was doing.

But one day the family was taken aback as they saw Bailey sitting comfortably on the porch. She was not alone. She was having a cat that was resting against Bailey’s warm body. According to Arthur, Bailey had never been a friend to a feral animal before. It shows that the dog was very loving and she is very sweet.

As the family saw the friendship between the cat and the dog, they decided to adopt the cat. They named the cat, Kitten-Kitten. Arthur said that Kitten-Kitten is living inside with everybody. She followed Bailey like a puppy. For Bailey, this was the first time, she was able to be a mom for some time.

Bailey actually saved the life of the Kitten-Kitten as it was growing colder and the cat would not be able to survive alone in the harsh weather. It is a great story. Bailey got the love of the baby and she was able to satisfy her motherly love by looking after the cat.