Rescue pit bull helps the family from burglar, restrains him till police arrive

When we help any animal, they return the favor by helping us in a difficult situation. Rescue animals are very protective and loyal toward the family that rescued them. The same thing happened recently when one rescued pit bull helped his family from a burglar and restrained it until the police came.

The incident goes like this, Leroy Rucker from Altoona, Pennsylvania, owns a 9-year-old pit bull named Spuds. One night as the dog and the owner were busy watching TV, they found an unwanted visitor who entered their home. No sooner did the burglar enter than both of them jumped into action.

The dog could not resist helping his family. According to Leroy, he saw him fighting and he wanted to fight. Spuds were able to restrain the burglar and protect his family.

The burglar was petrified seeing the pit bull and the family got the time and then the police came.  Leroy said that he listened better when the dog was right there present and the presence of Spuds made a lot of difference.

Later the burglar was identified as Robert Burke Jr. who was 53 years old and was accused of burglary, criminal trespass, simple assault, and harassment. So the whole credit for nabbing the burglar goes to Spuds. Steven Rightenour local garbageman told that Spuds was very protective of his family.

He knew good and bad and that was what dogs are supposed to do. The owner was very proud of Spuds and said that his action proved how much he loved his family. Spuds is really a hero who rose to the situation and saved his family from a burglar.