Shelter dog who was afraid to look at anyone makes amazing transformation

Love can heal and change everything. It is true. Sometimes even the hopeless cases are revived with the power of love. That is true in this case. The poor dog named Clementine was just two days away from being euthanized when she was saved by Chelsea Elizabeth Cossairt. She saw her photo and thus made a call that saved her life.

The dog was completely emaciated and she was found roaming the streets in Southern California by animal control. As she was facing many health issues she was put on ‘death row’ at the shelter. When Cossairt saw her photo, she submitted an application and received a call from a rescue.

According to Cossairt, the person at Ginger’s Pet Rescue was floored and he was in tears when she told him that she wanted to adopt Clementine. It was clear that Clementine had a long and unpredictable road but Cossairt was ready to do anything for the dog to help her heel. According to Cossairt, when she first met Clementine, it was clear that the dog was never loved.

She was terrified of people and would not look anyone in the eyes. She shook all the time, hid behind the furniture, and sat facing the wall for months. She further added that she never looked at their faces and bowed her head. She had defeated and empty eyes. But she trust other dogs and soon she mingled with other dogs of the family, Moose, and Maple.

So Cossairt got the hope that Clementine can grow to be a happy dog. Cossairt said that she traveled with them around the house or the yard. Cossairt never gave up on her. After several vet appointments and months of treatment for infections and allergies, at last, Clementine started to feel better and stopped shaking.

She gained the confidence and the courage to look into the eyes of her parents. According to Cossairt, she loved to look deeply into their eyes. She is very attentive when they are talking to her. She likes belly rubs and boops at everything in sight. She is very much like a puppy. Clementine has come a long way since her adoption. She is no longer a frightened dog anymore. The whole credit of changing the life of Clementine goes to Cossairt.