Man provides shelter to animals at Ukraine border so refugees can keep their pets

Ukraine has become a dangerous place to live in after the invasion by Russian forces. Numerous citizens have been forced to leave their country. But still people are not ready to leave their pets behind. One person has emerged as an animal hero, who is doing his part to make sure that no one has to give up their pets.

The name of the person is Aaron Jackson who is the founder of the charity group Planting Peace. He flew to Ukraine to provide help to refugees. He was greatly influenced after he read about how Ukrainian refugees were sleeping in a train station at the border between Ukraine and Poland.

He said that he was greatly moved by the story and he immediately bought a plane ticket two hours after reading it. He further said that as he landed in Ukraine, he came to know about the true cost of war. He saw families running away from their homes. He saw families getting separated from their loved ones. Aaron started to help the refugees there.

He helped one family who fled Ukraine after Russian bombing near their home. He provide them a hotel room when he saw them sleeping on the floor. He even helped them search for permanent housing. As he helped one family, he started to help refugees who were fleeing with their pets.

He said that around two million people have left Ukraine and most of these people are crossing into Poland, so it was very difficult to get house there and if one is having a pet then it is quite impossible as most places did not allow pets. So people have to choose between getting to safety or keeping their beloved pet. Some are even told to leave their pets behind and cross the border.

Aaron and other volunteers are helping refugees with pets. They provide shelter to the pet as long as the owner is searching for housing. Planting Peace shared a photo of a young girl with her dog at the border and wrote that it was quite heartwarming to know that people are not ready to give up on their pets. This charity is working to provide pet friendly housing for refugees as well as donating food and supplies to pets in need.

Planting Peace provide dog friendly housing to the family and the little puppies. According to Aaron, they have the families, who traveled 100 miles, 200 miles to get to the border and they have walked 50 of those miles with dogs at the back. So they are willing to do anything for their dog. So he wanted to provide housing to those families. We want to thank Aaron for what he is doing for the refugees in Ukraine.