Stray cat comforts abandoned puppy who waits for owner to return

Animals are very compassionate. They know how to comfort a distressed friend. In a very heartwarming scene, a cat was caught on camera comforting a poor puppy.

The puppy was left alone as his owners were forced to leave him alone. His owners were very old and sick. They were unable to look after themselves, so they were taken to a senior care center.

But there, the senior couple was not allowed to take their puppy. They had to leave the puppy behind. But as dogs are very faithful, the dog waited for their return.

When the neighbor saw the puppy, they offered him food to eat but the most heart-touching moment was when one of the residents noticed a stray kitten approaching the lonely dog and offering her support.

The caring kitten comforted the puppy by putting her tiny paws around the poor puppy’s neck. It appeared as the cat was telling the puppy not to worry, your loved ones will come back to you.

The dog is very friendly with the people and he tries to check everyone’s face but the cat on the other hand runs away whenever she sees any people.

The residents noticed that the dog and his cat friend were still there even after six months, so they built them a tiny house. But the cat and the dog like to sleep on the stairs and give company to each other to keep themselves warm.

According to the neighbors, they hug to keep warm when they sleep together at night.  They thought they are in the same situation since they met on the street. They knew they are different but still, they get along well.

Food and water were provided by the people but they were afraid regarding the winter season. So they informed a local rescue center and the two were taken to the shelter.

They will remain in the shelter till the time they find a forever home. The cat named Nyang and her dog friend named Meong is quite healthy as inspected by the vet.

We hope that both of them find a forever home.