Fallen, a faded dog who was pregnant but lost all her puppies is back in recovery

For some animals, life becomes very difficult. Sometimes humans did not treat them well as a result, they are afraid of humans. In some cases, the animals are discarded and seen lying hopeless and without help on the roads and pavements.

The same thing happened with this dog named Liza. The dog suffered due to the savageness of the people. At the time when the dog was found, it was very weak and fragile. The dog was so weak that she was not able to walk. Looking at her, it was difficult to say that she would survive.

The dog was even pregnant at that time. When a shelter came to know about the poor condition of the dog, they rushed to help the dog. Though they saved the dog’s life yet they were unable to save the lives of her puppies.

The staff at the shelter made every possible way to improve the health of the dog. It was quite difficult to cure the dog as she was very weak.

The dog was well fed and now it is much better. But due to the ill-treatment, the dog is very much afraid of the people. The dog runs away from people. She is frightened by the sight of the people. So she needs special treatment to cure her totally.

The dog goes for walk regularly and takes a lot of pleasure in the nature and surrounding environment.

We hope that the dog gets well soon and she is treated for her illness. The fact is that we humans should have some humanity while we are treating animals.