Kentucky tornado survivor is elated after finding her pet dog alive

Over the years natural disasters have increased. Many people become victims of such disasters. They lose their loved ones and homes. Some lucky people are also there who happen to escape unhurt.

One such woman is from Kentucky who narrowly escaped death. Around 88 people lost their lives in the catastrophic tornadoes that struck in the southern United States earlier this month. The survivors are coming back from the horrifying experience and trying to find hope in their life after the damage.

In this deadliest tornado, Mayfield was one of the worst-hit cities. Deanna Badillo who is a resident of Kentucky was lucky enough to escape from her home in time with her friend.

Deanna herself said that she and her friend had cheated death. She thanked God for saving her. She recalled that they were able to escape by crawling out of a hole and she further said that everything happened so suddenly that she did not recall it fully.

She said that she did not see anything and she felt she was unable to tell that experience. While Deanna and her friend were able to escape the death, others were not so lucky. In her neighborhood, a four-year-old boy lost his life as he was trapped under rubble.

Now the survivors had decided to regroup and look for signs of hope. Deanna had got her to sign in the form of a pet dog.

When the tornado hit the city, Deanna thought looking at the destruction that her pet dog would not have made out alive. But as she was lucky so was her dog and two days later, a neighbor found it and the pet returned home.

In such type of natural disaster which is the deadliest December tornado on record in the US, such type unexpected survivors provide a ray of hope and give the motive to live. The survival of her pet is a great thing for Deanna.

It is happy news that the dog survived as he can give hope to everyone.