Dog saves baby girl’s life after she stopped breathing by alerting the mom at night

We are really blessed if we have a dog as a pet at home. Not only the dogs are loving and loyal companions but they also save us in difficult situations. There are many stories showing how the dogs have saved the lives of the people in danger by alerting them.

Here is a story of one dog which described as a hero after he helped in saving the baby’s life by alerting them when the baby stopped breathing.

The name of the woman is Kelly Andrew who lives in Boston, Massachusetts and she has a Boston terrier named Henry. One night the dog became very restless in the middle of the night and he started breaking into their nursery and waking Kelly’s baby.

At first, Kelly was quite upset with her dog’s behavior as the baby was sick and he was disturbing them. But then she saw that her baby was not breathing. Immediately, the baby was rushed to the hospital and there Kelly realized that Henry was not disturbing them but he was trying to save the life of their baby by alerting them.

Kelly felt that if the dog were not there, she did not know what would have happened.  The baby was kept at the hospital for a night and now the baby was fine.

Kelly said that her heroic dog bravely held the fort all night even though he was scared of the dark. She even thanked the ER department of Connecticut Children’s Hospital for helping her daughter.

The good dog Henry was praised by everyone when the story went viral. People were really amazed at the dog’s instincts and showered praise on the dog. People shared their stories telling how helpful dogs are.

We are very glad that the baby is safe now. Thanks to the dog who acted right at the time to help the baby.