Senior shelter cat wishes to find a home on Christmas for spending holidays

It is the wish of every shelter animal to find a forever home and spend their time with their family. Some animals are really unlucky as they have to wait a little longer than others to get home. Senior pets are really struggling in this matter as they are overlooked in favor of puppies and kittens.

This waiting gets very hard especially during this time of the year when Christmas is around and the pets are gearing to spend their holidays with their family. So it becomes quite sad that some pets have to go without a home.

One shelter came with a mission. The mission was to help the senior cat find a forever home. The name of the cat is Farah and she came to RSPCA in Portsmouth in July when her previous owner passed away.

The cat is 15 years old and in her twilight years. So it was very difficult for a senior cat to spend her last days in a new environment. Moreover, Farah suffers from hyperthyroidism which causes behavioral issues.

According to RSPCA, the cat’s behavior is quite unpredictable and she did not like being touched and would often nip you. The cat has undergone thyroidectomy and now she is much calmer.

Many staff members are devoting ample time to learning about the manners of Farah. As a result, she has started to thrive and she is a real foodie.

Though the cat has started to shine through, yet it was very difficult to find her a forever home. No one has shown any interest in adopting Farah and it seemed that the cat would enter the new year still waiting for a home. The RSPCA really wanted the cat to get adopted has increased their efforts to find Farah a home.

RSPCA has made a Christmas wish for Farah that she wanted a warm and cozy home. She was looking for a special someone to share her twilight years with.

Though they are no interested adopters, yet the shelter feels that Christmas is a time for miracles and they hope that the sweet cat would find a forever home.

We really wish that this wish of the senior cat should be granted and she would be adopted by Christmas.