Video shows a majestic lion crouching down to meet his cub for the first time

The lion, the king of the beasts, the majestic animal is known for the valor. All animals are scared by the lion. But at times even the lion melts and sits like a frightened one. This personality comes when he is dealing with his family.

It is quite usual that the lion is not getting well with its newborn offspring. But here is a video to prove it wrong. The lion in this video just crouches and sits calmly in front of its baby.

The video was shot at Denver Zoo and then it was posted on Facebook and it is melting hearts all over the internet. The cub which is 12lb was born on July 31 in the zoo and since then, the little one has spent time with his mom.

So far the cub had not seen his father, so the staff decided to introduce the newest member to his father. The moment became very special as he met his two-year-old dad. The little lion is still not introduced to the public and the Denver Zoo is preparing the cub for its first public appearance.

According to Jake Kubie, the director of communications at Denver Zoo, the cub has spent the last couple of months bonding with his mom, dad, and half-sister at Predator Ridge at Denver Zoo. Soon the cub is going to make its public debut in one of the outdoor habitats.

People at Denver know about Neliah and Tobias, the parents of the cub but they don’t know about him. The cub is not having any name and the zoo is asking the fans to help them with the name of the cub.

The suggested names are Meru which is the name of a mountain in Tanzania, Moremi which stands for the name of a game reserve in Botswana, and Tatu which is the Swahili word for the number three.

The zoo is encouraging the people to vote and to donate $1 for the three finalists. We are sure the cub will be given a very good name.

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