A pregnant woman forms a bond with a pregnant stray cat and they delivered babies at same time

It is true that pregnant woman starts to see other pregnant women everywhere. It is not only that we start to have a connection with another one who is pregnant.

It is not only human beings we are connected to but even to animals also. Like this pregnant woman found a friend with a pregnant cat. The two moms to be shared a great bond and gave birth at the same time.

The woman named Lauren Manners loves animals a lot and often helps to foster shelter animals that are in need of love. As she was pregnant last year, so she decided to take a break from caring for pets to focus on her baby.

As destiny has it, when she was some months pregnant, she and her husband found a stray cat that they could not turn away. The cat they named Dove was a white female and she was extremely skinny and injured.

Dove was living on the road and eating out of dumpsters. Soon Lauren found that the cat was also pregnant. She was unable to find a proper home for the cat and she could even leave her in a shelter. So she decided to take her home and look after her.

Lauren said that she could not leave her as she was pregnant and she formed a sort of connection to her. She committed herself to foster Dove and her future litter of kittens.

Soon the cat became comfortable with Lauren and she followed her everywhere. Both of them love sitting outside in the morning. Lauren also got a sweet companion with whom she can share her motherly connection. The two friends were going through the same experience and she even called themselves ‘Pregnant Girls Club’.

Days went by and the due date of both friends was coming close. It turned out that their due dates were very close. Finally, the day came and Lauren became the mother of a beautiful daughter Kylie.

When she came back home, she found another good news. Dove had also given birth to six kittens and the time of both the deliveries was almost the same.

Now, Lauren, has a big family to look after. She is caring for her baby as well as the Dove and her six kittens. She even feels that her daughter Kylie formed a bond with kittens.

After looking after the kittens for months, Lauren was able to find a good home for the kittens. Dove was adopted by one of her friends but they are still in touch.

This story is really very adorable. It is really great to know how a pregnant woman has looked after her fellow mom.