Dog loves watching rain more than anything else, reminds us to appreciate little things

Appreciating the little things is very important to lead a happy life. They make our life enjoyable. It is not only we humans who know how to enjoy the small things even the animals they love the little joys which life throws at them.

We know, dogs are very active and they love walks and playtime. But at times they too want to chill and enjoy their life. They also want some moments only for themselves.

There are many animals who love the little things and also know how to appreciate them. They did it far better than humans. They know how to just relax and live in the moment.

Like this adorable puppy who knows how to just sit back and watch the rainfall. The dog is not distracted by anything and it looks at the falling rain and having a zen life.

In the viral video, the dog can be seen lying on his belly with his little legs crossed and just looking at the drops of the falling rain and appreciating the sound of the falling rain. The dog seems not to be disturbed by the traffic. He is not worried about what’s happening around him.

The video was captured last summer in Dongguan City in Guangdong Province, China. According to the dog’s owner, the dog did that every time it rained.

So here is a lesson we can learn from this tiny puppy. He gave a very big message regarding how important tiny things are. While the traffic is moving, the dog seems to enjoy that particular moment.

He is not worried that he would miss anything but he is busy doing something very important and that is learning to value our individual self. The dog is very peaceful. He reminds everyone to stop and enjoy the little things in life.

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