Ice rink fulfills the dog’s Last wish to enjoy the snow One Last Time

It is very hard to see our dog getting old. As the dog gets older, we realize that they did not have much time left. It has also become one of the reasons that we try to make their Twilight years as great as possible.

Many pet owners are so close to the pet they decided to make a bucket list for the old dogs so that the dog gets to enjoy life to the fullest before they die. One such lucky dog was Maggie whose last wish to play in the snow was made possible by some kind stranger.

The story goes like this, Marianne Wilson and Elijah Saltzgaber from Utah, are the proud owners of a lovely dog Maggie and when they got to know that their 11-year-old dog was diagnosed with cancer, they realized that their dog is not having much time left.

As the dog had only some allotted days left, they decided to make her final days as wonderful as possible, and for this, they prepared a bucket list of fun activities for her. Marianne said that they decided to take her camping and paddleboarding to make her happy.

Though Maggie enjoyed some fun summer activities her owners were sad that she would not be able to enjoy winter, her favorite season. Maggie loved to play in the snow and her owners wanted that before she died she should enjoy one last snow day. But while it seemed impossible, the owners were determined to make it happen.

It was not likely to snow anytime soon so they decided to find other solutions. So they put a request on Facebook asking if anyone had an ice machine so that they can use it. One person suggested contacting the ice rink and they contacted Salt Lake County Ice center and they were happy to help the old dog’s dream come true.

They used a Zamboni to save the ice. Then they packed and transported to Maggie’s house so that the dog could enjoy snow one last time.

In order to make it special, a special sign ‘ Maggie’s Snow ‘ was put. In the Facebook post shared by Salt lake county parks and recreations, it declared that Maggie enjoyed the snow with his family and she really loved it.

Maggie is no longer alive now but thanks to the sweet act that her last wish to see winter was fulfilled. Maggie’s owners are happy that their dog has witnessed happiness in her Last days.

It is heartbreaking to lose a pet. But we are relieved that Maggie’s last wish was filled.