The dog keeps barking at the pregnant mom and saves her life

Dogs are very caring. They can sense the danger and it is proved innumerable times. They are very special creatures.

Here is an incident where a caring American Akita signs that something is wrong with her human parents which even the doctors were unable to find. The dog’s intuition actually saved the owner’s life.

Ricky and Alhanna Butler from Doncaster England, adopted the dog when she was just a puppy. The couple loved and cared for the sweet dog as she was their own baby. At that time they did not have any idea that one day their beloved dog will turn out to be their life savior.

When Alhanna came to you that she was pregnant everyone was so much excited including their dog. The dog was so much excited that she couldn’t stop hugging her human.

As the pregnancy progressed their gentle dog started to behave really weirdly. First Alhanna ignored but then she also started to have little doubt as she started experiencing pain in her back.

She visited her doctor but the doctor assured her that she was fine and she came back relaxed. But the dog continued to behave in the same way.

According to the moment when the doctors sent her home and said that there was nothing wrong but then also when the dog continued to stare.

She said that she was really scared and then she posted a picture of her dog doing the same on Facebook and made a joke about the film Hatchi where the dog did this. Then she said her friends told her that she should take it seriously.

The dog was acting really strangely when she was next to Alhanna the couple too got serious and they went to the hospital once again.

Alhanna narrated that no one really understood how ill she was but her dog did. That’s why the dog would cry and she was never able to figure out why the dog had suddenly started doing that.

It was only when they went to the hospital that they understood how serious she was . She had a pretty bad kidney infection and she had to undergo surgery immediately.

As it was untreated for so long, it was one of the worst cases the doctors had ever seen, the women said. The doctor even told her that if it were not treated on time she wouldn’t have survived and even her son also.

Luckily Alhanna made a full recovery and she was able to carry on her pregnancy. The whole credit goes to the dog. She gave birth to a healthy son and named him Lincoln. The boy and the dog shared a very sweet bond now.