Parrot cries on seeing his dying mama saying: I love you.

Animals are capable of experiencing other emotions like sadness and happiness especially parrots. They experience emotions like us humans when they are separated from their loved ones.

Parrots even suffer depression when they experience such kind of emotions. It is proved true by an African Grey parrot known by the name of Sinbad. The parrot gave company to his human mom during her last days.

He lived with his mother for almost 25 years and then the time to be separated came. Sinbad just wants to remain by the side of her in the hospital. The mind of the parrot is like a 5-year-old.

The reaction of the parrot when his mother said: I love you, left everyone speechless. The parrot actually was unable to bear the burden of losing his mother and he started crying.

The parrot who used to be very naughty and loud most of the time, sat very silently on the stomach of the mother, sensing something serious is going to happen.

The moment the dying mother said the words, the parrots seemed to be crying as he lived with his mother for 25 years. 25 years is a long time for human beings and for the birds it is really a long time. The parrot proved the strong bond that he shares with his mother.