Baby elephant displays humanity by rushing to save a drowning man

A viral video that is old and shows a baby elephant who rushes to save a man from drowning is gaining popularity on social media.

The video which was earlier shared on Twitter shows a herd of elephants standing calmly near a riverbank. A man is seen swimming nearby. But what happens next wins everybody’s heart. The man started to act as he was drowning.

The baby elephant when he saw the man drowning rushed towards it to save the man from drowning. Elephant Nature Park which is a refuge and rescue center for elephants in Thailand is the place where this incident took place.

The man who is in the video. His name is Darrick and he had given his life to protecting these amazing animals.
The name of the orphaned elephant is Kham Lha and it has developed a strong bond with Darrick who looked after it.

When the person who looked after it started yelling for help, the baby elephant immediately went to help it.
The man was never in danger and this video was made only to raise awareness that these creatures are very magnificent and they are very helpful.

People should stop hunting elephants. Darrick and Save Elephant Foundation are actually working towards saving beautiful creatures.