Owner’s life is saved by dog during medical emergency.

Dogs are greatly devoted and loyal to their human and we can’t have any doubt regarding the faithfulness of the dogs. They are blessed with this understanding that they can help their parents in a difficult situation.

Here is the story of a loyal and smart dog who belonged to Kansas city in the United States and saved his owner’s life. The Kansas City Police Department told how the dog alerted the neighbor about the medical emergency of its owner and thus saved his life.

The incident is like this – A dog was walking with its parent when the parent started to experience a medical emergency. The smart dog immediately ran to alert a nearby neighbor that its owner was not feeling ok and he needed medical attention. They called 911.

Thankfully the life of the man was saved by the quick reaction of the dog and the neighbor who paid attention towards the dog and acted. For this act, the pup is receiving praise and yummy dog treats.

This post has gone viral and people are showering their blessings for the dog. The dog is hailed as a hero. We really appreciate the dog for its effort and we feel that he has done a great thing by alerting the neighbor about the medical emergency.