Stray cat comes into school and decides to become a student.

Cats give us the love that we want. Though it is very difficult to find out what is in the mind of an animal yet we can make out that they love us a lot.

Here is an interesting story of a stray orange cat. The name of the cat is Tombi and it just entered a public elementary school in the city of Izmir, Turkey. The interesting thing is that the cat decided to make the school his forever home and the students who were there his friends.

The cat came to school last month in the garden of the school and he kept coming back to the school. He is not like other cats as he is not scared of people. Tombi is quite friendly and he likes to go to the children for their attention.

It is not known where the cat came from. After spending some time in the garden, the cat decided to become the student and he entered the grade three classroom to begin his study.

Ozlem Pinar Ivascu, who is a third-grade teacher at the school was quite surprised when the little kitty came to the class. According to the teacher the students like the cat so much. People might think that the cat’s presence in the class might distract the students but it is not the case.

The students got very much interested in the class as they are attracted by the charm of the cat. The children started coming to school on time and they even looked after the cat.

One of the parents lodged a complaint about the presence of the stray cat in the school saying that it would pose a health risk to the students so Tombi was forced to leave the school. Ivascu took the cat to a veterinarian to get him vaccinated and then she found a good home for him.

But the cat was not able to adjust there. So Ivascu took the cat to her house. Even the students missed the cat very much and they wrote letters and made drawings for the cat. Even the cat missed his friends.

After Ivascu shared this story on Facebook, people tried to do everything to help Tombi come back to school. With the great support of the people,Tombi can return to school. When he came back to school, he was himself again. The children were excited to have Tombi back in their class.