Boy can’t control his tears on being reunited with his lost dog

Dogs and humans share a very special bond. They are our best friends and we did not want to be separated from them. They are our family members. We can not imagine our life if we have to live away from them. We can’t bear the loss.

The sorrow of losing a dear dog could be very devastating for dog lovers. Many dog lovers experience this pain and there are a few lucky ones who got to get their dog back. Here is a story of a boy who reunited with his dog after almost two months and how tears of joy rolled down his cheeks.

The family of Jamie Brandy lost their beloved dog Bruiser and they were completely heartbroken. Their dog was chasing a rabbit when it went missing. The disappointed family searched for the dog for months but in vain.

They were in continuous contact with Polk County Animal Control, but still, he was not found.  Now the family started losing hope and they thought they would not be able to meet their favorite Bruiser.

However, a one-day miracle happened and they got a call from Highlands County Animal Control and they informed that someone picked the dog and given it to them. It was great news for the family who didn’t have any hope of finding the dog. Jamie decided to give a surprise to their son Tyler by arranging a special union between them.

When Tyler saw his lost dog, he could not control his emotions. He cried with joy on seeing his old friend. He dropped to his knees to hug his buddy. Bruiser was on cloud nine after being united with his family.

In his happiness, he wagged the tail and licked Tyler’s face. Jamie caught the whole scene on her camera.It is actually a treat for animal lovers. For animal lovers, nothing is as special as meeting their beloved animal. watch video