Brave boy rescues a drowning baby deer

Bravery never goes out of fashion. It is a quality that allows one to do things that are quite dangerous. It means to have the courage to face the odds and to risk one’s life to save someone’s life. People sometimes did something so exceptionally good that it seems that they are super humans. All of us have some innate qualities that make us super heroes for others.

Here is the story of the courageous act done by the boy which saved the life of a baby deer. The young boy just noticed a deer drowning and without wasting a moment he jumped into the swift waters of the river to save the baby deer. The name of the boy is Belal and he is in his early teens. When he saw the baby deer carried away by the fast waters of the river, he jumped to save it.

After jumping into the river, he got hold of the baby and held it above his head with one hand to carry it safely to the shore. It is not the first time this thing happened. During rainy season in Noakhali in Bangladesh, many deer lose their lives.

Many times locals do their best to save the lives of the drowning deer. The boy was indeed very brave. The river was rough and it was also high tide so anything could have happened but the boy’s valour saved the deer.

The deer was very lucky that he was saved by such a brave boy. He made his parents proud by this act. This story was quite surprising and we are  happy that Hasibul Wahab, a wildlife photographer was there to capture the whole incident in his film. We congratulate him. Well Done Belal.