Heartbreaking reaction of the dog on seeing the painting of his deceased brother

Dogs have emotional intelligence. They have the ability to feel emotions like human beings. They can make out what people feel. They can understand when someone has died and they can even grieve for the deceased.

They even start missing the loved ones. It becomes even more difficult when there are two dog siblings in a home and one of them dies. There are many benefits of having two pets at a time. They can entertain themselves, learn from each other. But the problem arises when one of the siblings die which leaves a great hole in the life of the other dog.

Similar was the case for one dog who was missing his deceased brother. But the reaction of the dog to see the picture of his dead brother is priceless.

Libby Davey from Bristol had two dogs Smiff and Frank. Unfortunately, Smiff passed away. Smiff’s family was devastated by this loss. Libby found a way to pay tribute to their beloved late dog.

They hired a local artist named Tina to make a portrait of Smiff. Tina did the work so well that the painting just looked like Smiff and it was hung on the wall of the living room.

The painting was like the real dog that Frank immediately recognized the painting of his brother. His reaction was caught on video. Frank seemed shocked by the painting of his brother. He jumped up on the sofa to get a closer look at the painting of his brother. Frank seemed both happy and sad to see the portrait of his dead sibling.

How amazing it is to know that dogs form such deep bonds with their siblings.