How a little girl walks through snow to help her puppy

It really impresses us a lot when we see people doing great efforts for their four-legged friends. We know how faithful our dogs are to us. So it is only natural that we should pay back them by looking after them.

When children look after the dogs, it becomes even more inspiring. So here is an incident where a little girl has shown great kindness and compassion for her dog.
A Veterinarian Ogun Ozturk was in a village in Turkey to attend to a cow. It was just a routine visit for him but what happened after that was something he won’t soon forget.

He saw a young girl coming towards him with a dog on her back. He was touched to see the sight. It appeared that she got to know about the presence of the vet in the village and she didn’t want to miss the opportunity. So she decided to take her dog Pamuk to the vet to show and get some medical advice.

She was desperate to help her dog, so she decided to carry the dog more than a mile from her home. The vet was very much moved by the action of the girl and he checked the dog. It was only a minor skin infection and the vet gave him some parasite medication and the dog is doing well now.

For the treatment of the dog, the vet didn’t charge anything. It was free of cost. He was impressed by the compassion of the young girl.

Such incidents where the girl and the vet acted selflessly restore our faith in humanity.