Family leaving Ukraine refuses to leave elderly dog behind, carries her across the border

The people of Ukraine are suffering a lot amidst the ongoing invasion by Russian forces. Everyday many stories are coming from this war torn country- some stories are sad and some are inspiring. One such story is of woman who fled Ukraine recently.

She shared how much she left behind but she refused to leave her elderly pet dog. She carried her dog across the border. The name of the woman is Alisa who is 35 year old and she described her perilous journey out of the country.

She was programmer for a German company and she got a chance to leave war torn Kyiv for Poland. But the problem was to go to the border which was a herculean task. She travelled for 16 years driving in a single car with her mom, sister, their two husbands, four children and an elderly German shepherd.

As they left the village to get to the border, there was lot of rush of cars and they had to leave the car to walk the rest of the 10 miles on foot in cold weather. Alisa said that the last part of the journey was very difficult for her dog which was 12 and half years old.

The dog found it very difficult to walk and she fell down every kilometers and could not stand up again. Alias said that she stopped cars and asked for help but everyone refused and advised to leave the dog. But she refused as her dog was her family. Alisa recently lost her father and she has to leave her home as well.

So she was not ready to leave her dog there. She further said that their dogs are part of their family and her dog has experienced all the happy and sad moments with them. In one of the photos, Alisa’s husband was seen carrying the German Shepherd over his shoulder.

When they reached border, they were put in a crowded tent but there she got a heartbreaking news that her husband was not allowed to cross the border due to his age and the mobilization order. He was sent back to the village. There are so many stories showing the resistance of the people. Our prayers are with the Ukrainian people.