London’s loneliest dog is still waiting for home after spending 500 days in kennel

The life of a shelter dog is very sad. They are not having the benefits which the dogs at home enjoy. It becomes more difficult if the stay at the shelter is extended as no one is interested to adopt.

So Hattie, who grabbed the title of London’s loneliest dog is still waiting patiently for a forever home after spending a heartbreaking 500 days in kennels.

With her long stay there, she has become the longest-standing resident at the RSPCA’s Southridge Animal Centre in Potters Bar. The two-year-old cocker spaniel came in August 2020 at the shelter. Her previous owners experienced problems with her behavior. It is not like, she was not adopted.

She was adopted in December 2020, but as fate has it. She was soon returned back to the shelter when the owners were unable to cope with her. But the staff at the shelter has a different opinion about her.

According to Cathie Southridge, she is an absolutely beautiful girl and she feels disappointed as they were unable to find her a forever home because of her additional needs. It was not her fault that she has high energy levels.

Cocker spaniels are the working dogs and the RSPCA is looking for experienced owners who could take her responsibility so that her energy could be channelized in a proper way.

Mrs. Ward says that the dog is very lovely and she is not frustrated easily, she is very active. Maybe she was in the wrong hands who were unable to understand her. When she will be in good hands, she will be a gem. We really wish that Hattie should get a loving forever home.