Dog seems depressed after his adoption was cancelled, spend his time staring at a wall all day

Sometimes some animals suffer a lot. They don’t know what they should do. They are very good to be adopted but they are unable to get adopted. The same is the story of March, the bulldog who was taken from the street. At that time, he was gentle and happy.

The staff at the Philadelphia asylum thought that the boy would soon find him forever home. But that did not happen. March did not want to live in confined kennels where other animals were also waiting to get adopted. This was no place where he wanted to be. So that affected his mental health and he began to lose his spark.

Another blow came to him when he was rejected by a family who promised to adopt him. The family canceled their plan of adopting him by saying that he was not as playful as they expected him to be. So he was heartbroken as he was sent back to the shelter. He did not want to be in that cold doghouse.

This thing affected him very much and he looked dejected and defeated. He stared at the wall the whole day, sat lazily in a corner, and refused to interact with anyone. His heartbreaking story was shared by a regional news reporter named Dawn Timmeney.

She posted the haunting pictures of March and it gained the attention of everyone. People came forward to help him which changed his life. Within three days, March was reached out by a shelter. He was rescued right before his kill list turn was due. March was given the freedom to run out of that.

The new rescue was a non-killing organization and it will look after March until he finds an eternal family. Though March was helped right in time, there are lots of dogs who are put down because they are not adopted in time. It was really heartwarming the dog was helped in time.