Severely injured dog, unable to move, drags herself to Jogger who finds her

If you have the will or the determination, you will find a way. It is true especially in this case where a severely injured dog who was unable to move just dragged herself to get help from a jogger. The name of the dog is Lilac and she was trying to keep herself alive with a fractured jaw and a damaged leg.

She was noticed by a jogger as she was cowering under a car in Atlanta, Georgia. The dog was badly injured by other dogs and unknown individuals. But still, she could sense who was her well-wishers and crawled out to meet them.

When Second Chance, Rescue NYC Dogs, which was situated in New York came to know about her, they transported her to the clinic. She was given rapid emergency care in the clinic. It was revealed that in addition to serious leg injuries and a broken jaw, Lilac also had stomach injuries due to bullets trapped in her body.

But the injuries did not affect Lilac, she was happy and wagged her tail when someone paid her attention. She survived after a little treatment. According to Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs, there is something very special about this little survivor. She is very sweet and beautiful.

The dog has gone through a lot in her life but still, she wants to give, love, and connect. Though vets were unable to save her leg yet they did a miracle by saving her.  She will have only three legs now but still, she is very happy.

The good thing is that she is fast recovering due to the love and attention she is receiving. She has fought for a long time to get the love that she is getting now. She is getting love from everyone in the hospital and around the world. We are happy that Lilac is getting what she wanted in her life.