Sweet pit bull tied to a tree with a note in the park is rescued by a kind-hearted man

Many times people decide to abandon their pets. There may be different reasons for it. But they should be responsible enough to give the pet in some good hands instead of leaving him in a difficult position.

The same thing happened to this pit bull who was left tied to a tree by its owner with a note. It was good luck that a Samaritan happened to pass the park and he noticed the pit bull and helped her.

The sweet pit bull got the second chance when she was spotted by a man as she was tied to a tree in the middle of a park in Brooklyn. Eric Maus who is a 28-year-old guy from Prospect Lefferts Gardens was out with his two dogs. He was walking his two dogs through the park when he noticed Mamas which is a 7-year-old pit bull tied to a tree.

At first, Eric looked for his owners but there was no sign of anyone. As he went closer, he saw a note hanging from the tree. The dog was very sweet so Eric approached the dog.

According to Eric, he was walking Gouda and Lily through the park when he saw that really big chubby pit bull tied to the tree. He said that he looked around and called her owners but there was no one.

From the note, he found out the name of the dog and her age. In the note, it was mentioned that she was a great dog and take her home. Don’t be scared of her size. She was sweet.

At that time Eric realized that he came across an abandoned dog. He decided to do something for the dog.  He got some of the photos of the dog and shared them with his neighbors on a Facebook group.

One of them immediately came to help Eric and Mamas was taken to Sean Casey Animal Rescue which is a shelter in Windsor Terrace.

Mamas looked very much relieved in the shelter. She was somewhat dehydrated but otherwise, she was happy. When she will pass the medical tests, she will be ready to get adopted. Eric wanted that she should get a loving family.

We too hope that Mamas finds a good home for herself.