Gorilla brings her baby to meet mom and newborn in Zoo

Mother’s love is the strongest love. It is the love that one can sink into and cry one’s heart out. The connection that the mother has for her baby is irreplaceable. Only one can understand the feelings of another mother.

Here is a heartwarming moment where two mothers though belonging to different species felt connected due to their newborn babies.

The incident goes like this, Michael Austin, his wife Emmily, and their newborn baby decided to take a trip around the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston. As they entered the Zoo, they never thought they would experience one of the most touching encounters. The bond which Emmily and the gorilla shared was simply adorable.

Emmily herself narrated that she never thought that she would have that experience. As they got closer to Kiki’s enclosure which is an endangered Western Lowland gorilla they experienced something unique.

The family saw the gorilla with her seven-month-old son and they stopped for a moment. Fascinated by the little baby in the hands of Emmily, the gorilla and her baby Pablo approached the family.

It was quite unimaginable how they behaved next. Michael said that his wife held their son to show to Kiki and then she(Kiki) grabbed Pablo and put him on her leg to show to them.

The connection between the two young mothers was instant. They interacted for a few moments. They seem to speak the same language. The moment was really special and intense. Michael captured the moments on his phone and the video went viral.

Michael further explained that it was one of the amazing experiences. He said that Kiki was talking to them with her hands. She took her baby Pablo in her hands the same way as Emmily was holding. Both the husband and wife could not hold their tears.

How unique is the bond between the mother and the child.