The woman and her rescued bear love to go fishing together. Quite unbelievable!

When love is given to any animal, it is natural that the animal reciprocates. It does not matter whether the animal is wild or not. We read so many stories where wild animals show great love towards their human.

Here is another story where a massive bear likes to go fishing with his human. As we know bears love fishing, so it is quite natural for them to go fishing. This massive brown bear shares a boat with his human friend and likes to go fishing with her.

It seems quite unbelievable but it is true. The kind-hearted woman and her bear friend do it on a daily basis. The name of the woman is Veronika Dichka and her friend bear is Archie.

Archie spent most part of his life in a safari park and because of that, it was not possible for him to be released into the wild. It is quite unfortunate that this happened to most of the wild animals which are kept in captivity for a long period of time. But Archie was lucky as he was adopted by Veronika two years ago and his life changed dramatically.

The woman decided to help the bear. She looked after him and they both shared a great bond now. According to Veronika, Archie was rescued from a safari park and it was not possible to release him into the wild as he had spent his whole life in captivity.

Though they spent a lot of time together, fishing is something both are fond of. Recently they were caught on the camera, fishing together on a lake in Novosibirsk in Russia. They look so much perfect together and some people were unable to believe that they were real.

According to Veronika, Archie loves to go fishing and he is madly in love with water. He loves it when he is taken to new places. They are like family. They share food, sleep in arms.

Really it is good to see these two unlikely friends spending time together.