Faithful dog refuses to leave mom’s side in hospital after saving her life; just another proof of unconditional love

There is no doubt that dogs are very faithful animals. Time and again they prove their love and loyalty for their human. One photo is winning hearts these days in which a service dog is seen lying on the hospital bed along with the human mom. The bond between the mom and the dog became very strong the moment, the mom Shauna Darcy decided to adopt a dog to help her fight anxiety.

She made a great decision by adopting Ruby who proved more than a service dog for her. Shauna got a true friend in Ruby. The lovely pup and Shauna are made for each other. According to Shauna, Ruby was a service dog but she started picking the changes in her heart rate and would act funny. The dog would paw her and try to get her attention.

Ruby is more than a dog for Shauna. She was like a guardian angel who was protecting her mom every moment.
Ruby was monitoring Shauna’s blood pressure and heart rate. She was also suffering from a rare heart condition called vascular Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Apart from this, she also provides companionship to her mom during her panic attacks.

According to Shauna, whenever she was unconscious, the dog got on top of her and apply all her pressure on her and licked her hands and face until she becomes conscious. Recently, Ruby even saved the life of her human when she started to alert Shauna that something was wrong.

At that time though Shauna was feeling fine yet she decided to go with the instinct of the dog and called an ambulance. It was good that she called an ambulance as her heart was going into atrial fibrillation and when the paramedics came she was in pain and barely conscious.

It was Ruby who saved Shauna’s life. Even in the hospital, Ruby was not ready to leave her human mom’s bed. According to Shauna, she was alive only due to Ruby. Yes, the dog was indeed very special and loyal who saved the life of her human mom.