The owner sets up a free tennis ball stand on the beach in honor of his late dog

It is very heartbreaking when our dog leaves us forever. Pet owner has to go through intense pain and they try to deal with it in different ways.

Every owner has a unique way to honor their dog. Some find special ways to remember the good times they had with them while others honor them by helping out other animals.

One anonymous owner found a very unique way to honor his dog. He is not only remembering his dog but also helping out the local pets.

In Newport, Rhode Island at Rejects Beach, a wooden box filled with tennis balls was kept. On the box, one sign was fixed which read: Piper Harden 2006-2021.

Piper was the name of the dog who passed away recently and her owner decided to remember her in a unique way by setting up a tennis ball stand at the dog’s old favorite place.

In the sign, it was also mentioned that this beach was Piper’s favorite place to run around, play fetch and bark at the waves. Even the photo of the dog standing on the beach was also attached.

The owner wanted to honor the fun times he had with the dog and wanted that even other dog owners should also enjoy the time with their pets by playing with their pets by offering up free tennis balls.

The owner even requested people to have a tennis ball for their dog to play with. They could keep the ball the ball or drop it back in the box for another dog to enjoy. He further asked the people to love the time with their pup and enjoy the day they had together.

When a pet passes away, we suddenly remember all the great times we had together.

It is not the first time that someone has set up a tennis stand in the memory of their late dog. Earlier this year, an owner in South Australia set a stand in Silver Sands beach to honor his dog named Bruce.

Really it was a generous, memorable thought for a furry baby. Though Piper is not with us, still she touches many hearts.