New Maryland law allows veterans to adopt pets for free

Pets provide great companionship. Having a pet is great for everyone. But they are very beneficial to the veterans. Men and women returning home after serving in the military often experience PTSD and other conditions and owning a pet help to reduce this.

That’s the reason why more and more organizations and government officials are trying to make it easier to help veterans adopt a pet. Taking this thing into consideration, one state enacted a new law that is sure to benefit many vets looking to adopt.

A new law known as Pets For Vets went into effect in Maryland on Friday and it was introduced by State Senate Bryan W. Simonaire who is representative of Anne Areundel County and this law allows military veterans in the state to adopt pets for free.

According to this law, vets who show proof of their military service will be able to adopt one cat and one dog for free within a six-month period.

Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)is a psychiatric disorder that may affect war veterans and they seemed to have benefitted by owning a dog. Though there is no proof whether dogs can treat PTSD yet dogs can reduce stress and lift moods which is beneficial to those suffering.

There are other laws that have been put into practice to make it easy for veterans to adopt pets from shelters. One such law passed in California and even the White House passed the PAWS Act which requires the VA to provide service dog training for vets with PTSD.

It is great news and we hope that this new law will be helpful to many veterans to meet their paws friends.