Woman rescues terrified dog trapped in molten rubber

It always restores our faith in humanity when we find some good people coming forward to help the animals in need. It actually makes us confident that humanity is still there.

Supatra Baisri is one such kind-hearted person. She helped in rescuing one female dog stuck in a pool of molten rubber. The 30-year-old café owner came across the distressed female dog submerged in the gooey asphalt rubber in Nakhon Nayok, Thailand.

It appears like the sticky mixture which was dumped recklessly on the side of the road was made from recycled tires which are used to repair roads.

The dog was struggling to get out of the toxic goo. Baisri wanted to help the dog come out of the rubber but she herself did not enter as she may also get stuck in the rubber.

So in order to save the dog, Baisri immediately contacted the local emergency services which soon came to the rescue.

The rescuers used an excavator to take the frightened dog out of the rubber. The dog was covered in the sticky material and then they used petroleum benzene oil to remove the rubber from the dog’s body.

The dog was named Mali and the veterinarians made sure that the dog did not sustain any irreparable damage to her fur and skin. It took two hours for the vets to get Mali to safety and now the dog is on the road to recovery under Baisri’s care.

One of the vet remarked that people need to be much more careful about how they dispose of the rubbish as it can cause so much harm to the animals. Thank god Mali is saved. Congratulations, Baisri for saving the dog’s life.

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