Mama cat introduces kitten to hooman baby and the moment is precious

Cats do have emotions. Though they may not be able to think and fear like a human. But they too have real and complex emotions that motivate their behavior.

One video is making rounds these days where a mommy cat is seen introducing her kitten to a newborn human baby. The video was first posted in July on Reddit. But again it is shared on a Twitter account named Buitengebieden and since that video has over 149k views.

The video is of only 24 seconds. In the video, the mama cat is seen carrying the kitten in her mouth and placing it right in front of the sleeping baby.

The cat is trying to introduce the kitten to the baby. The kitten tries to move away but mama cat stops it and keeps bringing it back to the same place.

The video is really heartwarming and it is posted with the caption, Mommy cat showing her kitten to the newest member of the family.

The video has sent the internet into a meltdown with many sweet messages. The people are actually adoring the cat for her gesture.

Some message that the video is very sweet and precious while others feel that mommy cat wanted to tell the kitten the sweet babies behave like that. Really the video is very adorable.