Rescuers find an abandoned hunting dog rotting alive in the field and saved her

It really hurts when we find any dog in trouble as they are innocent beings. They get into a difficult situation for no fault of their own.

The same thing happened with one dog which was found in the countryside by the members of the Diasozo Animal Rescue Team in Karditsa Greece.

The dog was in very bad shape at that time. Luckily, the members were ready to help her and give her the assistance that she needed.

The dog was found in a field and it had many injuries. The village people called the rescue and the workers hurried to help the dog.

When rescuers reached the dog whom they named Lydia, the dog was alone in the field. She was very weak and had an outsized rotting wound on her back and she needed medical attention immediately.

Very carefully, Lydia was taken to an area clinic. They lifted her and took her from the sector. They traveled very slowly so that they might not hurt her further.

They decided to take her directly to the vet. So Lydia was prepared for the trip. She was wrapped in the blanket and placed in a kennel at the back of the vehicle.

She had to be kept safe as she was to be treated for her injuries. Finally, they reached the vet. They opened her cage and Lydia sprang out of it. Though she was injured, yet she was very excited. She was moving with a limp and then was examined by placing her on the examination table.

After examining her, it was found that apart from the large wound on her neck, she also had a smaller one on her injured leg where the bone had broken and punched through.

Lydia got treatment for her injuries and she started recovering day by day. Though she limped around yet she had improved a lot and possessed more energy than she had earlier. Soon Lydia became healthy and she was moved to her family where she would complete her recovery.

Learn more about Lydia’s heartwarming rescue and recovery within the video below!