Dog Swept Away in Rapids Found Alive After 10 Days in Canadian Wilderness

In 2016, within the vast wilderness of Canada, a lively dog named Kali, a mix of Golden Retriever and Collie, embarked on an extraordinary adventure that would test her strength and resilience.

Kali’s story began when she and her owners, Dave Kareken and Joy Neilyset, went for a hike along a picturesque river.

As they trekked through the forest, immersed in the beauty of nature, little did they know of the challenges that lay ahead.

On that particular day, the usually calm and serene river had turned into a raging torrent due to heavy rainfall in the area.

Driven by her natural curiosity, Kali found herself drawn closer to the fast-moving water. Unfortunately, she missed a jump and fell onto a ledge about ten feet below, leading to a nightmare scenario.

Confused, Kali jumped into the turbulent water, desperately trying to swim to safety. Tragically, the 7-year-old dog was swept away by the powerful rapids, leaving her devastated owners in despair.

“We called and searched for hours, but there was no sign of her,” said Dave Kareken to USA Today.

After much consideration, the family was forced to continue their hike without their beloved Kali.

Dave Kareken and Neily had to return to their home in Asheville, N.C., while their son went to a camp in Minnesota.

“We lost a member of our family,” Dave Kareken expressed. “I had never felt anything like it.”

For the next ten days, Kali relied on her survival instincts as she faced the unforgiving elements. The forest became her temporary home, providing shelter and sustenance. Meanwhile, thousands of miles away, Kali’s owners were consumed with worry.

However, shortly after Kareken returned home, he received an unexpected and incredible phone call. Kareken’s heart skipped a beat as he heard the astonishing news: Kali, against all odds, had been found alive.

Despite the treacherous waters that threatened her life, she had endured in the unforgiving Canadian forest for an astonishing ten days before miraculously appearing at a nearby campsite.

Driven by pure joy, David embarked on a 20-hour drive to reunite with his dog. With each passing mile, he envisioned the moment they would be reunited and he could embrace his loyal companion once again.

“When I found out she was alive, I collapsed,” Kareken shared. “I just fell to my knees in disbelief, offering prayers and gratitude.”

Fortunately, a friend of David captured the heartwarming reunion on video: