Brave Man risks his life to save a drowning 400lb black bear

Black bears are very large in size. They are huge. They are around 6 feet tall and weigh around 400-600 pounds. Imagine encountering such a large wild animal, it would have given you goosebumps.

But this biologist in Florida proved that when in need, one can overcome the fears and do the best to rescue a wild animal. His love for the wildlife makes him go beyond his fear and he went to rescue a massive black bear from drowning.

Black bears are very common in North America and that is one of the reasons why people panic on seeing one. Like in Florida, this 400-pound bear entered a residential area in Alligator Point.

It seemed that the bear might be driven by its incredible sense of smell and once there, the bear started digging into the residential garbage. The people got scared and informed the authorities.

The wildlife officials arrived at the scene within minutes. They tried to tranquilize the bear so that he could be taken back into the forest. But things went wrong. When the bear got hit by the tranquilizer dart, he got scared and ran into the ocean. As he was sedated, it was quite risky for him.

Thankfully there was this man named Adam Warwick who is a biologist with the Wildlife Commission. He jumped into the ocean as he loved the wild animals and did not want the bear should be harmed in any way.

The brave man swam around 75 feet with a 400lb bear to the shore. It was quite difficult as well as risky. The rescue was indeed the dramatic one and the courageous man was able to complete it. He was able to drag the bear out of the water.

It might so happen the rescue could have been catastrophic for both the animal and Adam. Bear was unharmed but Adam got a few scratches.

In the end, everything was well and the black bear was safely sent to the Osceola National Forest where his home was. Really Adam was a brave man. Thank you, Adam.